Follow the Process to Obtain MMJ Card in Oakland from a Licensed Therapist

1. Fill Prerequisite Form

Begin by signing up on our secure platform, which adheres to HIPAA regulations. Complete a straightforward application form that helps your medical team gain insights into your health status. Rest assured, all information submitted on our platform remains confidential.

2. Consultation with Our Physician

Connect with our medical marijuana doctor. Fill out the application form and undergo an evaluation conducted by our expert. The doctor specializing in Medical Marijuana will carefully assess your case to determine if cannabis treatment is suitable for you.

3. Receive Your MMJ Card

Once your medical assessment is finished, you’ll receive your marijuana recommendation. An email will also be sent containing a PDF version of your marijuana recommendation for your convenience.

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Qualifying Medical Conditions For MMJ Card In Oakland

According to California medical marijuana laws, debilitating conditions that may be eligible for a Oakland medical cannabis card include:

  • AIDS
  • Anorexia
  • Arthritis
  • Cachexia
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Migraines
  • Severe nausea
  • Muscle spasms
  • Seizures

Doctors in California can recommend medical cannabis to people who are eligible for it. So, even if you don’t have a specific medical condition, you can talk to your doctor about medical cannabis.


Medical Cannabis Laws In Oakland, CA

In Oakland, both medical and recreational cannabis are accessible, with specific adjustments tailored to meet the needs of medical users. It's essential to be aware that CBD, a compound present in cannabis, is also found in hemp. CBD derived from hemp is legally permissible across the entire United States and doesn't necessitate a medical marijuana card, even for the acquisition of recreational cannabis.

Outlined below are several regulations related to cannabis in Oakland:

  • To partake in cannabis consumption within Oakland, you must be at least 21 years old. However, possessing a medical cannabis card lowers the minimum age requirement to 18.
  • Individuals using cannabis recreationally can possess up to 28.5 grams of marijuana flower in its natural plant form or 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.
  • It's unlawful to sell or purchase marijuana to or from minors.
  • Operating a vehicle while under the influence of marijuana is against the law and carries associated penalties.
  • Consumption of cannabis or the opening of cannabis-containing packages in public places is prohibited.
  • Transporting marijuana across state borders is not legally permissible.
  • Exclusive authorization from the state is granted to licensed dispensaries for the sale of cannabis in Oakland.
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How to Get a $20 Medical Card?

A $20 Medical Card is a physical card ordered as an add-on to medical marijuana recommendation and is widely popular in California.

You don’t need a physical medical cannabis card, but ordering one online can be convenient. You can order one online today for $20, we’ll get it to you quickly.

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Benefits Of MMIC In California

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No 21 Years Age Restriction

There is no minimum age of 21 for a medical marijuana cardholder in California. In California, the minimum age for an MMJ cardholder is 18. So, you don’t have to wait until your 21st birthday to buy medical cannabis. You can purchase medical cannabis at the age of 18.

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Housing & Workplace Protection Laws

In some cases, an MMIC can provide additional security for patients on the job or when renting an apartment. Certain employers and landlords have regulations that permit medical marijuana for patients who hold a valid MMIC.

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Patients Support Groups

Support groups, educational resources, and peer support groups are available to California patients through the MMIC program. Through these support groups, patients can connect with others who are facing similar challenges, learn valuable information, and stay informed about the latest developments in medical marijuana treatment.

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Travel With Medical Marijuana

The main benefit of having a MMIC is that you can travel within the state of California and legally carry your medical marijuana. This allows you to follow your treatment plan while away from home.

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Higher Growth Limit

If you have a medical marijuana card, you can grow up to six plants, 12 plants if you have an immature plant, or more if you have a doctor’s prescription. If you’re buying recreational marijuana, you can’t grow more than six plants.

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Save Big On Taxes

Medical marijuana card holders in California are exempt from state and local sales tax. By holding an MMIC, you can reduce the cost of your medical cannabis treatment.

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Your Weed Evaluation Appointment and Program Application

When seeking approval from your doctor for a medical marijuana recommendation, it's often most straightforward to use the official form provided by the state. While not mandatory, this form, available in both English and Spanish, can serve as a helpful starting point and streamline the process for your doctor. You can also use other forms of documentation for your application, provided that your doctor retains a copy in their records.

For the remaining part of your application, you'll need to submit the following to your county health office:

  • A completed registration form
  • A valid photo identification
  • Proof of residency specific to the county where you are applying
  • The medical documentation mentioned in the previous step.
  • A registration fee, which varies based on your county and your enrollment in Medi-Cal.

Please Note: This comprehensive application process ensures you meet the requirements for obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation.

Weed Evaluation Appointment and Program Application
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Benefits of Obtaining a Grower's License in California

  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • Increased Growing Capacity
  • Personalized Quality Assurance
  • Flexibility for Experimentation
  • Legal Protection

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical  marijuana recommendation will cost you around $39.99 in Oakland.

Here’s an overview of California’s medical marijuana laws as of 2022:

Proposition 215 (The Compassionate Use Act): Passed in 1996, Proposition 215 was the first law in the United States to legalize the use of medical marijuana. It allows patients with qualifying medical conditions and a physician’s recommendation to use and possess medical marijuana.

Senate Bill 420 (The Medical Marijuana Program Act): This law, passed in 2003, established a state identification card program for medical marijuana patients. It also provides certain protections and limits on possession, cultivation, and use of medical marijuana. It allows for the formation of medical marijuana cooperatives and collectives.

Qualified Medical Conditions: California law recognizes a range of medical conditions that may qualify patients for medical marijuana use. These conditions include cancer, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, chronic pain, and more. The specific list of qualifying conditions may vary over time.

Doctor’s Recommendation: To obtain medical marijuana, a patient must obtain a recommendation from a licensed healthcare provider. This recommendation is used to apply for a medical marijuana identification card or simply to purchase medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary.

Collectives and Cooperatives: California allows patients and caregivers to cultivate and possess marijuana collectively or cooperatively. This permits individuals to grow and share medical marijuana with other qualified patients.

Dispensaries: The state permits medical marijuana dispensaries, which are regulated at the local level. These dispensaries provide a legal means for patients to obtain medical marijuana.

Restrictions on Cultivation and Possession: The law sets limits on the amount of marijuana that patients can possess or cultivate. The specific limits can vary based on local regulations.

Patient Identification Cards: California offers a voluntary Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) program, which provides added legal protection and may be required by some localities.

Non-Discrimination Protections: California law protects the rights of medical marijuana patients regarding employment and housing.

Yes, medical marijuana is legal in Oakland, California, and has been since the passage of Proposition 215 (the Compassionate Use Act) in 1996. This law allowed for the medical use of marijuana by patients with a qualifying medical condition and a doctor’s recommendation.

The process of obtaining a medical marijuana card in Oakland or California can vary depending on individual circumstances, including the specific condition and the healthcare provider you work with. The application process is generally not considered overly difficult if you meet the eligibility criteria and have a genuine medical need.

Oakland Medical Card Requirements:
In Oakland, as well as throughout California, medical marijuana cards are not issued on a city-by-city basis but rather are governed by California state law. To qualify for a medical marijuana card in California, you typically need to:

  1. Have a qualifying medical condition: You must have a medical condition recognized under California law, which includes but is not limited to conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, chronic pain, and more.
  2. Obtain a recommendation: You need a recommendation from a licensed medical doctor or healthcare provider in California who believes that medical marijuana can be a beneficial treatment for your condition.
  3. Be a California resident: You must be a resident of California to apply for a medical marijuana card in the state.
  4. Complete the application: You will need to complete the state’s Medical Marijuana Program application, which includes providing your doctor’s recommendation and other required documentation.

Medical marijuana card evaluations in Oakland, CA, cost $39. We also offer another package of $45.00 which comes with Instant PDF Recommendation via email, and Hard copy with Embossed seal on it, and you can Extend your validity for one year.

Even if you don’t qualify or do not receive your recommendation for any reason, you will receive a full refund. You can contact us directly at (888) 988-8420 or chat.

Mentioned below are the qualified conditions for MMIC in California:

  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer
  • Anorexia and weight loss
  • Anxiety disorders 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Chronic nausea 
  • Severe or persistent muscle spasms
  • Terminal illnesses
  • Glaucoma
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Arthritis
  • Migraines

In some states, you may need help to use your card. Check with your state of residence and the state you are visiting to see what your options are.

A Grower’s License Evaluation costs $199.99 at Medical Marijuana Card Oakland. Our physician will help by assessing your medical condition and providing you with medical marijuana recommendations.