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How to Enjoy Vaporizing Cannabis Without the Coughing?


Do you find yourself coughing whenever you use a vape pen? Perhaps you may have taken your first hit or just burned more than you did. This blog post examines why a vape makes you cough and how you can inhale vape smoke without coughing. It may be a matter of time for the first-time users. You may need to change something to stop your coughing while you use vape. 

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Vaporizers vs Vape Pens

While vaporizers and vape pens both produce vapor, there is a difference in what they vaporize.

Larger vaporizers save ovens, either conduction or convection, where you can put concentrates (hash, weed, resin, etc.) or plant matter. After reaching a specific temperature, the material inside the oven evaporates and becomes safe to breathe. To extract the minimum amount of terpenes or cannabinoids from their vape, users can customize their vaporizers by changing the temperature according to the product they use. 

In contrast, vape pens work with pre-filled concentrate cartridges or e-juice, also known as vape juice. The desired compounds (like THC from weed) are extracted from the plant matter to make this juice. After adding this extract to a liquid, e-juice is created and vaporized using a pen.

A vaporizer allows you to customize the heat and add raw materials or concentrates. At the same time, a vape pen requires vape juice or oil and does not allow temperature adjustments. 

Why Does Vaping Cannabis Make Me Cough?

Similar to smoking, vaping can occasionally cause a lot of coughing. Usually, the coughing stops as the throat adjusts to a jet of steam entering it. However, sometimes something is wrong. Below, we look into some possible causes of coughing while vaping. 

  • Temperature

The most common cause of your coughing fits the description of an overheated room. The stronger the hit and increased likelihood of coughing, the hotter the vapor. It could be that you have set it unusually high, or it could just be something you need to get used to. 

  • Quality/Function

A defective vape pen can sometimes cause coughing. This is particularly true if the heating element or atomizer has a defect because it can interfere with the heating process. In these situations, the temperature your vape reaches and the one you set it to will differ, which could cause a sore throat. 

  • Your Weed

Alternatively, your airways could be irritated by low-quality cannabis or concentrate. It might be scorched, or it might be tainted with dust and dirt. Although it is not the most likely explanation, it’s still worthwhile to investigate if your vape is making you cough. 

  • Inhaling Straight Into Your Lungs

You will cough if you inhale vapor directly into your lungs. The same holds for smoke. Inhaling vapor and smoke includes two steps. You have to draw it into your mouth first. You then inhale it into your lungs after it has arrived. It will become less harsh due to this process, which lets it cool. 

  • Vape Juice

You may be coughing because of the vape juice if you are using a vape pen with it. Juices of poor quality can hurt, but so can juices of excellent quality. 

To make the hit harsher and more akin to smoking, propylene glycol is added to vape juices. The amount of PG in cannabis vape juice shouldn’t be excessive, but it’s something to think about. Due to its water-attracting nature, this substance will gradually dry out as it gets closer to your throat and airways. A sore and irritated throat is the result. 

How to Enjoy Vaping Without the Coughing?

The following advice may be able to assist you in getting over a bothersome coughing fit.

  • Turn the Temperature Down

You should start by vaping at a lower temperature. This may lessen the harshness of the vapor and reduce your coughing. You can gradually raise the temperature if you are content to remain here. It will hurt to go high, though, so give your body time to adjust. 

  • Fix Your Vape

You should have your vape repaired if you believe the coil is broken. A broken coil can harm you and render your preferred product ineffective at vaporizing, costing you valuable terpenes and cannabinoids. 

  • Inhale Properly

There may be a chance that you may be inhaling incorrectly if you are new to vaping or smoking. This is not a cause for shame! Everybody has gone through this. 

You should first breathe solely into your mouth to properly inhale. After that, you can take the vaporizer off your lips and inhale it into your lungs. If you are a beginner, it may still cause you to cough, but it will get much more comfortable with time. 

  • Stay Hydrated

Vaping has the potential to dry out your throat, which will cause you to cough. Thus, stay hydrated by drinking water. To keep your throat satisfyingly lubricated, just keep a drink on hand and sip from it often rather than downing liters!

  • Adapt!

All you need to do is get used to inhaling hot vapor. It won’t be enjoyable at first, and your body will need to adjust, much like smoking. It is inappropriate to assume something is wrong just because it hurts. This might just be a perfectly normal reaction from your body. 

Summing it Up! 

When you take a hit from your vape, if you’re frequently coughing up your guts, then something is probably wrong. Now, this is most likely just a part of the learning curve if you’re new to it. However, if you are aware that you can usually handle it, there probably is a problem with your vape or its components. 

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